Aug 21, 2007

The Arnold Pent Family

In the history of the world, there may never be a more unusual family then that of Arnold Pent…

Meet the Pent’s. They are a hard working, God-glorifying family who travels around the country speaking anywhere that people will take them in. Trusting in God to provide, Mr. Pent set off with his family on a crusade across America. It is a daily battle to even find the money they need to buy food and gas. The entire family studies the bible 1 hour and 30 minutes every day, averaging 22,060 hours in a lifetime. I have only one word to say. Wow. This family is truly amazing.

So, by this time, you probably have realized this family is slightly different then ones you have seen. If you happen to live among these kinds of people, please email me and I will move immediately.

One thing that separates this book from other books like "Cheaper by the Dozen", "I Remember Mamma", and "Life with Father" is that the Pent’s are a strong Christian family with strong Christian morals. The author, Arnold Pent III, makes sure that every story told in the book, every small detail, points to God and his grace. But that alone doesn’t make the book good.

Arnold III is not the greatest author of all time. Many authors aren’t even close. Give this author a boring, ordinary subject, he most likely would not succeed with his writing. What makes his book so great is that he has a totally unique story. That’s what made “Cheaper by the Dozen”. Something that most people have not heard of. Traveling a million miles, and sawing off the back of their Pierce Arrow is not an everyday event in your neighborhood.

So why do I recommend this book? It’s a great book about an amazing family. That I have already established. As for huge benefits, They don’t really exist. But it is a good relaxing book to read after some harder books. My rating for this book is four (out of five) stars.

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Isaac Harris


Anonymous said...

You should check out This blog is maintained by the grandson of Arnold Pent, Jr. and offers many insights into the practice of Biblical manhood.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing this family has such "strong christian morals." Now they profit from natural gas and drilling.

Cate said...

This is a LITERARY commentary? This is FULL of grammatical and spelling errors and this site wants to make literate teenagers. By doing what; teaching them how to use grammar incorrectly and misspell words? Hire a proofreader next time!!