May 29, 2007

Want to Write for Us?

We are happy to announce a change in this blog. From now on, you can write the reviews on great books that you want posted on this blog and we will publish them. Here's how it works:

You decide that you want everyone to know about a book that you think we all can't live without reading. So you write a review as best as you can. Then you send us the review at, and we look it over. If we think it needs to be a little more polished we will send it back to you with some thoughts and then you re-write it and send it to us. When we like your review we will publish it with your name on the bottom, and voila! You're famous! Well, okay not really, but a lot of cool stuff could happen.

First, you get to practise your writing skills. Second, if we like your style of writing, we will ask you to keep sending us reviews. So when we get big you can say that you have written articles for us and people will want to hire you like crazy.

This doesn't mean that Isaac, Sam, and I will stop writing. We will still write about half of the articles, we just want to write better and still write the same amount of articles. It also doesn't mean that you get to be part of our team. You will kind of be guest authors.

So you may be wondering about the picture at the top. If you write good reviews as a guest writer, if you can write them fast, and we like your personality, we might invite you to help coauthor Literaryink!
So get writing!

Ted for the Team


Cally Jane said...

Is there a particular genre you're interested in?
I'll have to think about this. Writing book reports in my high school education was one of my favorite exercises.

Isaac Harris said...

Cally Jane, we don't have a particular genre we are centered around. If you look through the archives, the reviews range from adventure fiction, to biographies, to nonfiction. So any type of book is great. Just make sure it is one that truly benefits the readers. If you are interested in writing, email us and we'll send you some writing ideas. Thanks for your question!