Sep 4, 2007

Guest Review: More Than a Carpenter

Alright, alright, don't get mad. I know we haven't posted or awhile. The reason why is because we have all been busy with schoolwork, etc. Ted and Sam are both in debate which makes them extra busy, and I am in Apologetics. Anyway, we will try to post more often.
Here is a review from Lauren Batchelor:

When my mom first persuaded me to get the book, I was afraid it would be like one long lecture, full of super big words, small print and heavy theological thoughts. All in all, a very dull read. I was very wrong.

In 128 short pages, Josh McDowell answers the question, “Who Is Jesus”.
Using his personal story as an example, McDowell puts forth and answers questions and objections used to dispute the “Authenticity” of Jesus Christ.
More Than A Carpenter offers the reader proof given be lead historians, professors, lawyers and theologians, and numerous references from the Bible. A 101 crash course type book, it effectively incorporates the personal with the factual.
While some parts seemed a little too basic for a long-time Christian, the book lays a nice foundation for any who face questions like these regularly. McDowell establishes the Bibles’ authority and historical accuracy, shows how science cannot be used to prove or disprove Jesus, and what made Jesus so different from other religious leaders who preached peace, like Buddha and Confucius.
Although the book was written 25 years ago, the evidence still stands; strong proof that More Than A Carpenter is not just wishful thinking or hastily compiled quotes. McDowell brings together a case that Jesus is real, and after reading the book, I must agree.
Throughout the book, McDowell raises worthy thoughts and questions about our personal relationship with God, hitting you at just the right moment to make you say Aha! Or, if it’s thoughtful, "Ohh". Definitely worthy of numerous readings, the book is a keeper.

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