Aug 2, 2007

Delay: Busy-ness

There's been a gap between posts.
You are wondering.We are kind of wondering too.
Let us explain:
You all are probably trying to figure out what happened to us. Don't worry, we are all fine.
We have all been pretty busy with family stuff, summer work projects, etc. We are really sorry for the gap between posts. please rest assured that we will post as soon as we find time to do so.
Sam, who is next up to post, is re-reading the book he plans to review. If you are bored and looking for something to read we suggest The Rebelution for reading.
Right now, we are working on some small things that will make the blog look nicer.

Sorry again for the delay,

Isaac, Ted, and Sam

1 comment:

Julius said...

Hello Literaryink team,
It seems as if there haven't been any new posts on here, and i was wondering if you guys were still working on this, because if you were, i had a couple books in mind to possibly write something on. I'll check in again sometime in the near future! Thanks!

PS I think what you guys are doing is great!